Monday, May 18, 2009

Special Guest Interview - RJ Harris

Is he a Libertarian or a Republican?
Thursday, May 21st, Liberty Unleashed will be interviewing RJ Harris, a Republican Congressional candidate for 2010 in Okalahoma's fourth district. You might have seen him on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano. We want to know, is he really a Republican? How does he compare to Congressmen Ron Paul on the issues?

RJ Has served our country on three deployments: one for a peacekeeping mission in Korea and two for the Iraq war. Both of the war deployments were with the Army National Guard. He is part of the Retake Congress project and is running against incumbent Tom Cole. We will be discussing RJ's feelings on the war on terror, our new president and RJ’s run for congress in 2010.

Liberty Unleashed is an interactive, live political Internet talk-radio show; independent and free from the shackles of mainstream media. Hosted by Bryan and Bill, who provide you with alternative interpretations of events and news overlooked by mass media outlets. Liberty Unleashed airs Monday-Friday, 6-7 PM Eastern on Revolution Broadcasting.

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